Tittle ni mana?
24 Jun 2012 02:58
“BAB* lah kau!!!”

Sorry for the impolite introduction. Hello. Actually this is for my holiday journal. Since I thought it’s quite interesting, I share it with you. I remember something on this day. The sentence above in Malay because that kid speak in Malay, so I can’t write in English. If that sentence is translated, it will become “You’re pig!”. Hewhew. See the star? I have to mark it with star it because it’s a bad word. It’s a kind of obscene language that normally speaks by teenagers and even adults nowadays. And I’m not surprised when I heard the one who spoke that bad word was a kid. See, we’re entering new era and all the civil have lost. At that time, I was at the yard, trying to bask the cloths. I repeat, I am TRYING to -.- then I saw two boys were quarrel with one another. Then one of them said that sentence loudly. It’s normal for me because I always said that. *Me, Ashikin Jamaludin promise not to say bad words again* But later, I think. My mom always said that when we mention someone’s name, that person will choke. So when we always mention the pig’s name, that pig will choke. If one person mentions the pig’s name, one pig will choke. If one hundred people, one hundred pig will. If one thousand? What if ten thousand? Then pigs will be listed as one of the endangered species in Malaysia. Whoaaa, power of mentioning! How mention can make pigs extinct. *sigh*
If we look at the Oxford Fajar’s bilingual dictionary, we’ll find out the meaning of pig.

“Pig; animal with short legs, cloven hooves and blunt snout”

I didn’t understand those last words, but I know that pig is just an animal. I know they just want their own zone, free-choke zone! What are their mistakes until we often mention their name when we’re angry? Why we didn’t mention another animal’s name? Like “You’re cat!” or “You’re goat!”. Why must pig? Haiyo. People nowadays.

“Moral of the story: later, mention another animal’s name. Don’t use pig!”