How Can I Believe in This?
27 Jan 2013 05:32

I try to believe on these words, but I just can't. How can I never give up on you when you're no longer needs me? When you're already far from me? I try again and again to convince myself that I can go through this entire thing. But now I realize that I just can't. I'm hoping for miracles to come, but it seems hopeless. I still want to wait for you even after you're clearly waiting for someone else. Can you literally see how stupid I am? I’m always slipped in memories, in our memories actually. Reading all our old text messages makes me feel happy. Remembering all our conversations makes me feel warm. But then, my tears rolling down my cheek, because I know it was only a joke for you. How could you calling me 'sayang' when you're actually doesn’t mean it? Can you understand how hurt I am? No you can't. Why? Because you never want to see.